Moderators: Ewa Binczyk, Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska


Josef Mitterer

Constructing Realism

Krzysztof Abriszewski

Non-dualistic Constructvism

Thomas Hainscho

Minding discours. Responsibility and the non-dualising mode of speaking

Marzenna Cyzman

If there is no text, anything goes… On a (non)constructivist misunderstanding

Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska

Medicine the power of interpretation

Adam Kola

Typhus, Lice, Cages, Feeders and the Second World War

Katharina Neges

Knowing good and bad - Non-Dualism in Metaethics

Eliza Kowal

Constructing identity and ideology. Theoretical remarks on discourse analysis

Albert Mueller

Shifting Identities: From Cybernetics to Constructivism - and Return. Some Case Studies including Foerster, Glanville, Glasersfeld, Pask

Aleksandra Derra

Brain, Gender and Cognition. Feminist deconstruction of neuroscientific research

Maurycy Graszewicz, Michał Ulidis

Social Construction of Polish Political Scene

Dominik Lewiński, Piotr Maroń

Virtually non-dualistic knee

Adam Skibiński

Adaptive Delusional Systems and Metarecursive. Orders of Complexity

Michael Schorner

The Yerkish Language and Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Contributions to the LANA Project – between (Italian) Operationalism and (Radical) Constructivism

Paweł Gąska

Computer Games as systems for negotiations of meanings and techniques

Michał Wróblewski

How to socialize a disease? Biomedicalization from the postconstuctivist point of view

Danuta Chmielewska Banaszak

The interaction between knowledge and experience. Tacit knowledge in scientific cognition

Łukasz Afeltowicz, Radosław Sojak

How to manage paradoxes. On empirical sensitivity of social systems

Bogdan Balicki

Lack of influence and stability of communication. Media society, literature and empirical approach

Andrzej W. Nowak

Game of GO and ANT-ian ontology

Marcin Zaród

Hacking collectives in Poland. Boundary objects and trading zones

Paula Wełyczko

Multidimensional foundations. Afterthought about presence of knowledge and experience in scientifical biography literature

Michał Rydlewski

Is Josef Mitterer right about his critique of Wittgenstein?


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.

  • Marek Graszewicz, Ph.D.
  • Maurycy Graszewicz, Ph.D.
  • Michał Ulidis, M.A.
  • Piotr Maroń, M.A.
  • Waldemar Bojakowski, M.A.
  • Eliza Kowal, M.A.

Dates & Fees

Date of Symposium

1-2 May 2016, Univeristy of Wrocław, Poland.

Registration fee

EUR 100 for participants from abroad and PLN 300 for Polish participants.

Deadline for payment

31 March 2016 - account number will be provided after the participation has been confirmed.


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